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Our History

1956 - 1990: Reverend Emmitt A. Greer organized the church in September 1956 in a beauty shop owned by Reverend and Mrs. Greer. The beauty shop, which still stands today, was located at 2819 Hatcher Street in South Dallas. There were 7 founding members. Weekly activities were held at the Church of the Nazarene, our present location. The members officially secured and moved into its present location in May 1957. By then, the membership had grown to 50.Within five years, there were 150 members. Under Pastor Greer leadership, the Church acquired a day care center, apartment complexes and an ice cream shop. By 1983, the Church was debt free. Reverend Greer departed this life on April 13, 1990. Mrs. Dessalyn Greer preceded her husband in death the same year.


1991 - 2005: On March 1, 1991, Reverend Roosevelt N McCray was chosen by God to lead Forest Avenue into its second phase of pastoral leadership. Along with the Pastor, the Church welcomed his wife, Peggy, daughter, Lisa, and mother-in-law, Annie Gibson. Reverend McCray quickly began implementing his vision from God. A new Church logo was designed and a radio ministry was started on KGGR in the Dallas metroplex Under Pastor McCray's leadership the church modernized its musical instruments and implemented an audio ministry. Pastor McCray's most significant legacy was his vision for remodeling the Church edifice into its current design. Pastor McCray departed this life on May 27, 2005.


2005 - Present: On September 7, 2005, Reverend Kalvin G. Burkley was chosen to lead the current church body into its next era. In his first year as pastor, Reverend Burkley was instrumental in reorganizing the Church's financial structure and ministry areas. Under Pastor Burkley's leadership, the church has added a Church Website, Choices of Life Mentoring Program, Radicals for Christ Sunday School class, Community Outreach/Evangelism Programs, a Youth Sanctuary and many other upgrades to the campus. Additionally, Pastor Burkley has implemented the Ephesians 3:20 covenant ministry. Pastor Burkley and First Lady Elouise Burkley are faithful servants to God and to the Forest Avenue church family.

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